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Configuration: Computed Config

If you want to add data that depends on other data then you can do it via Eleventy's computed data.

Rocket exposes it via setupEleventyComputedConfig.

Set Your Own Data

Let's say you want to add a Welcome to the contact page everywhere. (A filter might be a better choice, but it's a good example of the concept.)

👉 rocket.config.js (or your theme config file)

import { addPlugin } from 'plugins-manager';

/** @type {import('@rocket/cli').RocketCliOptions} */
export default ({
  setupEleventyComputedConfig: [
    addPlugin({ name: 'greeting', plugin: data => `Welcome to the ${data.title} page.` }),

Now you can use {{ greeting }} everywhere, and it will be correctly replaced with a Welcome and the page title.

Default Available Configs

  { name: 'titleMeta', plugin: titleMetaPlugin },
  { name: 'title', plugin: titlePlugin },
  { name: 'eleventyNavigation', plugin: eleventyNavigationPlugin },
  { name: 'section', plugin: sectionPlugin },
  { name: 'socialMediaImage', plugin: socialMediaImagePlugin },
  { name: 'templateBlocks', plugin: templateBlocksPlugin, options: rocketConfig },