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First Pages: Adding Pages

You can do this whole part of the tutorial in a couple minutes. It's almost too fast.

It can help to examine each new page and menu carefully, to come to terms with the implicit navigation created by your addition of new content, at least the first couple of times.

Add a Section

In most cases you will have multiple sections in your website and each of those sections will come with its own sidebar navigation.

To create a section you need to create a folder with an

mkdir docs/guides

👉 docs/guides/

# Guides

You can read all about...

Observe that this creates a section named "Guides" at the top menu bar, and a page with the same title.

Don't worry if this isn't how you would have styled or placed your menu bar or sidebar navigation, we'll get to customization of the default preset later in the tutorials.

How many sections should I add?

It might be more practical to stay below 5 sections.

Adding a Category

Often each section will have multiple categories.

To create a category you need to create a folder with an

mkdir docs/guides/first-pages/

👉 docs/guides/first-pages/

# First Pages

Adding a Page to a Category

👉 docs/guides/first-pages/

# First Pages >> Getting Started

This is how you get started.

Headings as Anchor and Menu Items

Within any page, you can still add links to your navigation!

Note that Markdown text prefixed with one or two # signs also becomes an anchor in the page and a link in the sidebar navigation when the page is open.

## Headings as Anchor and Menu Items

_**Within**_ any page, you can still add links to your navigation!

Example as a Reference

If implicit navigation, derived from content, is a bit too much to grasp in one sitting, feel free to examine the docs folder in the rocket codebase behind the pages you are reading for more examples.