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First Pages: Layouts

The following templates are always available:

  • layout-raw No html or any wrapping (use it for xml, json, ... outputs)
  • layout-default For content
  • layout-index Extends content and adds an "Open Navigation" button for mobile

Layout Default has the following Joining Blocks:

  • head For the html <head>
  • header Within the top <header>
  • content Html within the main content section
  • footer Within to bottom <footer>
  • bottom Add the end of the body

Launch Preset

On top of the above it adds the following templates

  • layout-404 A space not found page
  • layout-home Frontpage with center logo below text
  • layout-home-background Frontpage with left text and background image on the right
  • layout-sidebar Left sidebar, right content
  • layout-index Extends layout-sidebar

And the following changes

  • Sets layout-sidebar as the default layout