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First Pages: Managing sidebar

The sidebar will show all the content of the current section.

Nesting Pages

You nest by adding >> between parent and child.

Sorting Pages

You can sort by adding ||xx at the end.


# Second || 20
# First || 10

Will be ordered as First, Second,

How it works

Internally # Foo >> Bar >> Baz ||20 gets converted to.

title: Bar: Baz
  key: Foo >> Bar >> Baz
  parent: Foo >> Bar
  order: 20

How it then works is very similar to

By default, the sidebar nav redirects clicks on category headings to the first child page in that category.

To disable those redirects, override _includes/_joiningBlocks/_layoutSidebar/sidebar/20-navigation.njk and add the no-redirects attribute to the <rocket-navigation> element.