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Create your Own: Publishing

If you would like to publish a preset to use it on multiple websites or share it with your friends you can do like so.

  1. Pick a name for the package

    • use the convention rocket-preset-${name}
    • for this example we use rocket-preset-fire-theme.
  2. Create a new folder fire-theme

  3. Create a folder fire-theme/preset copy fireTheme.js from above into preset/fireTheme.js

  4. Add a 👉 package.json

      "name": "rocket-preset-fire-theme",
      "version": "0.3.0",
      "description": "Fire Theme for Rocket",
      "license": "MIT",
      "type": "module",
      "exports": {
        ".": "./index.js",
        "./preset/": "./preset/"
      "files": ["*.js", "preset"],
      "keywords": ["rocket", "preset"]
  5. Add a 👉 index.js

    export { fireTheme } from './preset/fireTheme.js';
  1. Add a 👉

    # FireTheme
    This is a theme/preset for [Rocket](
    ## Installation
    npm i -D fire-theme
    Add it to your 👉 `rocket.config.js`
    import { fireTheme } from 'fire-theme';
    /** @type {import('@rocket/cli').RocketCliOptions} */
    export default ({
      presets: [rocketLaunch(), fireTheme()],