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Deploying Rocket

Github Pages

The Rocket Starter ships with GitHub Pages integration set up by default. You will find the file at

├── .github
│   └── workflows
│       └── github-build-and-deploy-rocket-action.yml
├── site/*
└── package.json

This means to go live with a freshly created Rocket project hosted on GitHub you need to change the Repository's Settings following these steps:

  1. After pushing your generated Rocket project to GitHub, navigate to the Settings -tab in your repository.
  2. From this tab, select the side navigation option Pages.
  3. In your Pages -page, set the Source option to the newly generated gh-pages -branch, leaving the directory as / (root).
  4. Save your Settings.

And you're done!

Your page should now appear hosted in in the following minutes.

You won't need to worry about any deployments either. Rocket will automatically handle deployments from your main branch onto the newly published GitHub pages every time you push your code.