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Getting started

Rocket is a modern (static) site builder. Learn what Rocket is all about from our homepage or our release post. This page is an overview of the Rocket documentation and all related resources.

Try Rocket

The easiest way to try Rocket is to run

npx @rocket/create@latest

This wizard will assist you in starting a new Rocket project. It allows you to choose one of our default templates or to enter the url of a community template.

Once you have a project running continue with the next steps.

Learn Rocket

All kind of different people come to Rocket and each of those may bring a different learning style. Whether you prefer a more theoretical or a practical approach, we hope you'll find this section helpful.

Like any unfamiliar technology, Rocket comes with a slight learning curve. However, with practice and some patience, we know, you will get the hang of it, in no time.

Example Projects

If you prefer to learn Rocket by example, check out our examples on GitHub.

You locally install any of these examples by running npx @rocket/create@latest and selecting it within the wizard.

To pre select a template you can use the --template CLI flag. The --template flag also supports third-party, community templates.

# Run the init wizard and use an official template
npx @rocket/create@latest --template blog
npx @rocket/create@latest --template <folder name of example>
# Run the init wizard and use a community template
npx @rocket/create@latest --template user/repo
npx @rocket/create@latest --template user/repo/path/to/example

Templates can also be hosted on GitLab, BitBucket and Sourcehut.

API Reference

This documentation section is useful when you want to learn more details about a particular Rocket API. For example, Configuration Reference lists all possible configuration options available to you. Built-in Components Reference lists all available core components, like <Markdown /> and <Code />.

Versioned Documentation

This documentation always reflects the latest stable version of Rocket. Once we hit the v1.0 milestone, we will add the ability to view versioned documentation.

Staying Informed

The @modern_web_dev Twitter account is the official source for updates from the Rocket team.

We also post release announcements to our Discord community in the #announcements channel.

Not every Rocket release deserves its own blog post, but you can find a detailed changelog for every release in the file in the Rocket repository.

Something Missing?

If something is missing in the documentation or if you found some part confusing, please file an issue for the documentation with your suggestions for improvement, or tweet at the @modern_web_dev Twitter account. We love hearing from you!


This getting started guide was originally based off the astro getting started guide.