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Styles And CSS

Styles with Rocket can be as simple or as complex as you'd like them to be. In this guide we'll go through a few of the different approaches available to you when it comes to styling a site built with Rocket.

Approaches to Styling


2. Global CSS Template Literals


3. Component Scoped Styles


The best part about these 3 approaches and Rocket is you don't have to pick one over the other. You can mix and match them as needed in your project.

Recommendations & Best Practices

This is where we'll share our recommendations and what we would consider best practices for styles but by all means choose the approach that works best for your project and your team.

Global Styles

Web components work very well with CSS custom properties which is why a global.css or base.css file would be a great place to set your site's theme colors, global resets, etc.

Here's an example of some base properties for a theme.

👉 global.css

:root {
  --theme-bg: #ffffff;
  --theme-on-bg: #000000;
  --theme-primary: #d21b1d;
  --theme-on-primary: #ffffff;

These properties could easily be used to set the body's background color and default text color of the site or within a button component to set the background color of the button and the color of the text in the button.


You'll see many differing opinions online about styles that normalize or reset your styles across different browsers. Some of our favorites would be A Modern CSS Reset and Normalize CSS but we would recommend you pick what works best for you and your project. (I'm sure you're noticing a trend).

To include your reset styles you can simply place them at the top of your global.css file or import them from external reset.css file at the top of your global.css file.